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This month marks the publication of The Tigers in the Tower (available here) - a gripping historical adventure of tragedy, adventure, hope, belonging and two majestic Indian tigers, perfect for readers aged 9+ and for fans of Emma Carroll.

Read on for a review of The Tigers in the Tower and then head over to author Julia's guest booklist featuring 5 favourite tiger books.

Book Title: The Tigers in the Tower (available here)

Author: Julia Golding

Publisher: Lion Hudson

Publication Date: September 2020

Most Suitable For: Years 5-6+

Reviewed by: Anna Stirling


The Tigers in the Tower is an immediately engaging tale, with a prologue written from a tiger’s perspective as it roams through London: the reader is instantly drawn into asking questions and wanting to know more. This is quickly satisfied by Golding’s beautifully descriptive writing, which flows seemingly as she tells story of a girl, Sahira Clive, just recently orphaned and from India, who is left with just two tigers and no parents when she arrives in London. The tigers are destined for the King’s menagerie at the Tower of London, and her own destination is also as grim - not her father’s English family, who should have shown up to rescue her, but her own prison - an orphanage.

Sahira is a flamboyant, well-educated but ill-fitting child who makes for an obvious target to those living in the dingy and cruel place she now finds herself trapped in. With the scene set, we follow Sahira’s efforts as she tries to free herself, and her beloved tigers, from where she feels neither should be.

Victorian London provides Sahira with allies, but also plenty of enemies, including unscrupulous adults who are only interested in her unclaimed wealth. Her unconventional upbringing, her quick wit and sharp mind means that she sees opportunity when others may have given up. Even so, the odds do appear against her, until she happens upon a cousin she never knew existed and her luck changes.

The reader finally gets their answers, but not until the very end of the book, and only after they have experienced a journey of emotions. This is a wonderful read exploring themes of self-acceptance, grief, bravery and the importance of protecting the natural world.

You can order The Tigers in the Tower online or from your local bookshop.

Guest Post

Click here to read author Julia Golding's guest booklist featuring 5 brilliant tiger books.


Book Giveaway

Thanks to the publishers, we have a signed, first edition copy of The Tigers in the Tower to give away to our followers.

To enter, follow @booksfortopics on Twitter and RT the giveaway tweet. The giveaway closes 11.59pm 26th Sept (UK) -- terms and conditions here.


You can order The Tigers in the Tower online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publishers for sending us a review copy and to Julia for providing the guest post. Check out the other stops on the blog tour, too.


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