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This week marks the publication of The Midnight Guardians (available here) by Ross Montgomery, and today is our stop on the blog tour. Read on for a review of The Midnight Guardians and then head over to author Ross's guest booklist featuring 5 children's books inspired by British Folklore

Book Title: The Midnight Guardians (available here)

Author: Ross Montgomery

Publisher: Walker

Publication Date: November 2020

Reviewed By: Nia Talbot


In The Midnight Guardians, Ross Montgomery has woven a tale that intertwines magical fables with historical fiction. The book is set during the Blitz in World War II and follows an evacuated boy, Col, as he races back to London to save his sister from a bombing raid that may take her life. Col is supported by his guardians – his childhood imaginary friends.

Mr Noakes, a badger in a waistcoat, Pendlebury, a tiger who can change her size, and a grumpy and argumentative knight who you must call King of Rogues (he gets very upset if you don’t!) guide and support Col on his way through the English countryside to save Rose. But this is not his only quest. His guardians explain that there are darker forces at work. The Midnight King is determined to defeat the Green Man and bring eternal darkness to the world. The gang race to save Col’s only family, but must face creatures from the Spirit World who are doing The Midnight King’s bidding and are set on stopping them. Thankfully, there are some creatures fighting for The Green Man to provide additional support as well.

The story is fast paced with drama taking place in every chapter, keeping it engaging throughout. The characters are rounded and very likeable, with the reader becoming invested in Col and his race back home. The historical element – enhanced by snippets of factual newspaper articles and leaflets from the time – is well written and stands side by side with the fantasy element rather than being a theme of the book. All around this is a fantastic read that children and adults alike will enjoy.

You can order The Midnight Guardians online or from Bookshop.

Guest Post

Click here to read author Ross Montgomery's guest booklist featuring 5 children's books inspired by British folklore.


You can order The Midnight Guardians online or from Bookshop.

Many thanks to the publishers for sending us a review copy and to Ross for providing the guest post. Check out the other stops on the blog tour, too.


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