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This week marks the publication of Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up by Angela Woolfe and Paola Escobar, and today is our stop on the blog tour.

Read on for a review of Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up and then head over to author Angela's guest booklist featuring her 5 favourite funny books for 6-9s.

Book Title: Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up (available here)

Author: Angela Woolfe

Illustrator: Paola Escobar

Publisher: Walker

Publication Date: May 2020

Reviewer: Hayley Warner


Described as a hilarious fairy-tale mash-up, this book tells the story Roxy Humperdinck (who is half-sister to Hansel and Gretel) and her average life in Rexopolis in the Kingdom of Illustria - that is until she meets Jones. They are brought together by an unusual book discovered in the vaults under the Ministry of Soup, and soon they begin an epic adventure to save their home, and potentially the whole world, from dark magic. This is a humorous tale that captured my interest straight away. The story had just enough twists and turns to keep me guessing and I really liked the nods to traditional fairy-tale characters that popped up along the way. The characters of Roxy and Jones make for great leads in this book. Roxy, who has a photographic memory and can recall facts with ease, lives an almost uneventful life. She is completely in the dark about the history of magic that her Kingdom once had and does not like to upset her half-sister. In contrast, Jones (first name Cinderella) knows many things, is quick-witted and a huge fan of sugary treats. She is fed up with being treated like a slave by her stepmother, so she runs away in her quest to discover ancient artefacts and certainly seems not to be afraid of anything. She also has a fairy godmother, Frankie, who is nothing like the usual type of godmother you read about in fairytales. I think that Frankie is guaranteed to be a favourite character with many readers. The language used throughout the book would be accessible for younger Key Stage Two readers, but I also feel that the humorous undertones and the different characters traits would appeal to upper Key Stage Two readers. Though there are links to traditional tales, this is very much a modern tale. At 255 pages, it also would not be overwhelming for a younger reader. This was an enjoyable read that would fit perfectly in any classroom or school library. It offers the perfect escape into another world – as great stories do - and will certainly appeal to any child who loves fairytales, humour and adventure.

Guest Post

Click here to read Angele Woolfe's guest booklist featuring 5 funny chapter books for 6-9s.


You can order Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publishers at Walker for sending us a review copy and to Angela for providing the guest post. Check out the other stops on the blog tour, too.


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