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This week marks the publication of Glassheart (available here) by Katharine Orton, and today is our stop on the blog tour.

Read on for a review of Glassheart and then head over to author Katharine's guest booklist featuring 5 favourite magical adventure books.

Book Title: Glassheart (available here)

Author: Katharine Orton

Publisher: Walker

Publication Date: November 2020

Most Suitable For: Ages 9-12

Reviewed By: Jayne Gould


In the aftermath of the Second World War, losing her mother and brother in an air raid, Nona has built a new life for herself, with adoptive uncle Antoni. A Polish airman during the war, he is also a skilled craftsman, creating beautiful stained-glass windows. Nona works as his apprentice, but doesn’t handle the glass itself, although she does have one precious piece, taken from her bombed out home, which she always keeps close.

Renowned for his work, the pair travel around the country, replacing windows in war-torn buildings, so Nona is not alarmed when they receive a commission to work on a church on Dartmoor. However, this is no ordinary church, but a place of powerful magic and Antoni is bewitched. His strange behaviour is confusing and worrying for Nona, until she discovers the truth and the part she must play in protecting those she loves and fighting the darkness which threatens everything.

Drawing on folklore and the wild landscape of Dartmoor, this is an imaginative and beguiling fantasy weaving in Nona’s courage, determination and the power of love. Having enjoyed the author’s previous book, Nevertell, I was keen to read this and it didn’t disappoint. The story is ideal for lovers of fantasy and magic.

You can order Glassheart online or from Bookshop.

Guest Post

Click here to read author Katharine Orton's guest booklist featuring 5 children's books featuring magical adventures.


You can order Glassheart online or from Bookshop.

Many thanks to the publishers for sending us a review copy and to Katharine for writing the guest post. Check out the other stops on the blog tour, too.


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