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DustRoad by Tom Huddleston is the sequel to the gripping post-apocalyptic adventure FloodWorld.

These stories are set centuries in the future, in a world reeling from the effects of climate change. Read on for our review of DustRoad and then head over to author Tom's guest booklist featuring 5 books for children who love sci-fi.

Book Title: DustRoad (available here)

Author: Tom Huddleston

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Publication Date: March 2020

Reviewed by: Emma Hughes

Review: DustRoad

This is the greatly anticipated sequel to FloodWorld. This series of books is set in a dystopian future – a world after the ‘Tech Age’ has caused so much environmental damage that water has risen causing the cities to sink. Countries no longer have the same borders and people are grouped according to their living conditions. In DustRoad, we follow Kara and Joe, who are Shanties to Frisco in North America. Having previously saved London, the Mariners have convinced them to head west to their main base. They journey across the Atlantic on the Arc, where they are surprised to be reunited with their old ally Nate. As the journey progresses, the weather turns and they are attacked by pirates. In the confusion, the three friends are thrown overboard and wait to be rescued. But as the storm settles and without another dot on the horizon, they plan to get themselves to safety using the technology within their lifebelts. Eventually, they find sanctuary in an old theme park (assumingly Disneyland in Florida) and from here their real adventure begins. Little did the friends know that Kara’s heroics in London had made her somewhat of a celebrity across the pond; she is a valuable commodity and is taken to The Five, who keep her close. Her quick thinking and fast talking enable Kara to take advantage of the situation – she knows that she must manipulate her captors for her own safety, to protect the Mariners and avert a war that would leave The Five in control. Kara is a bold and strong female protagonist who believes in words, not war – a worthy hero, who will inspire the girls and boys to whom this book will undoubtedly appeal.

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You can order DustRoad online or from your local bookshop or library.

Guest Post

Click here to read Tom Huddleston's guest booklist featuring 5 books for children who love sci-fi.


You can DustRoad online or from your local bookshop or library.

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