Review: A Witch Come True

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Book Title: A Witch Come True (available here)

Author: James Nicol

Publisher: Chicken House

Publication Date: March 2019

Fans of James Nicol’s enchanting magical worlds will be over the moon to see the next instalment in the Apprentice Witch series hit the shelves this March. A Witch Come True offers a fabulous end to a charming trilogy, with its own brand of magical realism and a heartening focus on friendship, loyalty and family.

Young Arianwyn is now facing the most challenging times in her career as a witch. As Arianwyn discovers, being fully qualified does not make handling magic any easier, especially when her community is depending on her more than ever before. Although the war is now over, a series of new day-to-day battles begin to set in, with one family member coming back into her life after a long period of separation and another very cherished one going missing. On top of that, with difficult weather, tricky magical creatures and a whole host of community expectations as Yule approaches, it quickly becomes clear that there will never be a dull moment for Arianwyn!

With so much sparkle and a richly-imagined fantasy world, it is not hard to see why James Nicol’s popular series is being adapted for an upcoming TV series. What I love about the series is the way in which it offers a balance of different kinds of magic, from the dark and dangerous kind emerging in the Great Woods to the warm and wonderful kind where compassion resides and where tea and cake can solve everything. Whatever danger and mystery Arianwyn comes across, the narrative never strays from allowing the very human values of friendship, community and courage to shine through.

Filled with magic, warmth and good-hearted adventure, this wonderfully imaginative series is bound to enchant young readers for years to come.


You can order A Witch Come True online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book.


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