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How to Drive a Roman Chariot (available here) is the 10th new Albie book and is publishing this week.

It's 10 years and 10 books since Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves' Albie first arrived on our shelves. From How to Catch a Dragon to How to Ride a Polar Bear these fun, engaging picture books have been entertaining children for a whole decade now.

In the new picture book, Albie is outside feeding the horses, when it starts to rain and he finds himself whisked off to Ancient Rome! There he meets a young girl called Julia and before they know it they are at the helm of a runaway Roman chariot. Can they stop the chariot before it's too late?

To celebrate the release of this new Roman themed Albie adventure, author Caryl Hart shares five top facts about the Romans.

Five Facts about Romans

by Caryl Hart, author of How to Drive a Roman Chariot

1. Rome (which is still the capital of Italy today) was founded and built in 753BC and the people who lived there became known as the Romans. The Roman Empire spread across the world and they came to England nearly 2000 years ago!

2. As well as being victorious in battle, the Romans invented many things including aqueducts which could bring water into cities to be used in public baths and toilets

3. Romans ate lying down on a couch and eating with their hands. They ate exotic foods including roast parrot and flamingo!

4. Another famous invention from the Romans was the Colosseum, a huge amphitheatre in the middle of Rome which is still there today. The amphitheatre was a place where people could watch games and sports.

5. The Romans worshipped gods and goddesses, including Mars the god of war and Venus the goddess of love.

Happy birthday Albie!

You can order How to Drive a Roman Chariot online or from your local bookshop.

*****Book Giveaway!****

Thanks to the publishers at Simon and Schuster, we have a copy of How to Drive a Roman Chariot to give away to our followers.

There are two ways to enter:

1. Twitter entry - To enter, follow @booksfortopics and RT the giveaway tweet.

2. Instagram entry - Follow @booksfortopics on Instagram & TAG in the giveaway post's comments a friend who may also like to win this book for their home or school library.

You can enter both ways for two entries! Giveaway closes 11.59pm 12th August (UK) -- terms and conditions here.


You can order How to Drive a Roman Chariot online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publishers for sending us a review copy and to Caryl for the guest post.


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