Review & Blog Tour: 'Gangster School 3: Gruffles and the Killer Sheep'

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Today is our stop on the blog tour for Gangster School 3: Gruffles and the Killer Sheep.

Book Title: Gangster School 3: Gruffles and the Killer Sheep (available here)

Author: Kate Wiseman

Publisher: Zuntold

Publication Date: September 2019

Most Suitable For: Years 3-5

Reviewed By: Carol Carter, Librarian


Gruffles and the Killer Sheep is the third instalment in the Gangster School series following the students at Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants, where children learn the skills needed to become master criminals.

Milly and Charlie are struggling to fit in and impress their teachers as their instincts are still, despite their best efforts, just too undeniably nice. So, when they are chosen to represent the school at Crimicon against their arch-enemies, Crumley’s School for Career Criminals, and are tasked with foiling Dr B L Zeebub’s evil plot, they know they need to step up to the plate. They just have to fit it in between ‘Creative Criminality’, ‘What makes a good stooge?’ and ‘Cooking Up Trouble – 10 quick poisonous meals anyone can prepare’. And that’s before we even to get to the squad of trained carnivorous sheep prowling the school grounds…

With a runaway minibus, pickled bodies and vomit-strewn windscreens in just the first chapter, Gangster School hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the final page. If you have not read the previous two books, it is worth starting at the beginning of the series or it may become difficult to follow. It is a light-hearted story and there are plenty of David Walliams and Sibeal Pounder fans who will pounce on the off-beat characters and black humour and devour this series eagerly.

You can order Gangster School 3: Gruffles and the Killer Sheep online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for providing our copy and to Review Panel member Carol for reviewing it.

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