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Book Title: Dosh: How to Earn It, Save It, Spend It, Grow It, Give It (available here)

Author: Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Illustrator: Adam Hayes

Publisher: Wren & Rook

Publication Date: August 2020

Most Suitable For: Upper KS2+

Rashmi Sirdeshpande is a former lawyer, who now specialises in taking big ideas and making them accessible and exciting for young readers. Her latest title addresses the topic of money - what it is, why it matters, how to spend or save it and ways to make more of it.

Having good money sense is an essential lifeskill, but too many people reach adulthood before they understand many of its key concepts. Dosh is a comprehensive handbook for young people, including an overview of the history money, a practical guide to how money works in the modern world (I learnt quite a few things about cryptocurrencies....did you know that Bitcoin has to be mined, a bit like gold?) as well as some hands-on money tips for young people both now and later in life. Concepts are explained systematically in an informal, easy-to-understand way, accompanied by cartoon-style illustrations and diagrams.

I particularly liked the inclusion of a chapter about giving money at the end of the book, which encourages generosity and also offers a balanced approach to knowing which causes or charities to support and how to decide how much to give. It also covers spending and investing in socially responsible ways and offers a hall of fame of celebrities who've set examples.

DOSH provides an important introduction to the world of money, recommended for children aged 9+ to dip in and out of for a general interest read as well as to keep on hand for ongoing reference through their teen years and beyond.


Follow along with the blog tour this week to read more about DOSH.

Many thanks to the publishers at Wren & Rook for sending us a review copy. You can order DOSH online or from your local bookshop.


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