A World of Cities

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Book Title: A World of Cities

Author: James Brown

Publisher: Walker Books UK

Publication Date: November 2017

Suitable For: Years 3-6

This is a true treasure of a non-fiction text!

Illustrator James Brown follows on from the popular ‘A World of Information’ in a similar style; an almost-A3 sized high quality information book filled with double-page spreads in his striking print-maker style, this time with each one containing information about a different world city.

The written text is cleverly integrated into the pictures (e.g. on the page about London, facts are placed seated on a bus, around the

archways of the bridge and ascending Big Ben’s tower, among other places) and you get the feeling that you will discover brand new trinkets of information each time you read.

An engaging, original non-fiction book that makes you want to climb into the pages! Suitable throughout Key Stage 2.


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