October - Books of the Month

October Books of the Month

The Booksfortopics October 2018 Top Picks

Five of our top recommended new children's books this month.


Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson’s Snowglobe is breathtakingly beautiful and without a doubt one of my favourite books of the year so far.

Young Clementine is sure that the curious house she finds in the middle of town was never there before. Drawn to look inside, she discovers hundreds of snowglobes each containing trapped magicians, including her classmate Dylan.

Headstrong Clementine bravely ventures into the worlds of the snowglobes on a mission to rescue Dylan and free those trapped by the house's enchantments. As she struggles against the strange and powerful sisters in charge of the house, Clementine's own magical identity is awakened as she grapples with her own past, present and future.

I loved the complexity of the characters and the strong female lead, the enchanting magical worlds in the snowglobes and the emotive narrative that is gripping from the first page. Snowglobe is simply spellbinding as Amy Wilson spins her own brand of enticing magic and masterfully demonstrates the charm of middle grade fantasy at its very best.


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The Truth Pixie

Matt Haig & Chris Mould

This original book is a quick and quirky read with a heartwarming message about the value of true friendship, told in rhyming couplets.

The Truth Pixie lives in a faraway magical land and has been put under a spell that means she can only speak if she tells the truth. Finding that truthful words cause others to turn away from her, the Truth Pixie sadly discovers that friendships of any kind have become too difficult for her to form.

After a scarily truthful encounter with a larger-than-life troll, the Truth Pixie finds herself flung through the air all the way to Helsinki (which, as it turns out, rhymes perfectly with 'that troll who is stinky'). Once there, the Truth Pixie befriends a downhearted girl called Aada, who is filled with worry and sadness as she faces an impending house move away from her friends.

Of course, the Truth Pixie has no choice but to agree - truthfully- that the girl's situation looks bleak. But wise in her truthfulness, she also knows that while hard times may be inevitable in life, they are also temporary and that brighter times will lie ahead.

Before long, the Truth Pixie's words turn into an enormous encouragement and a friendship begins to blossom.

This is a sweet story - and one that is just as suitable all year round as it is for Christmas - that is full of warmth and humour in its plot, its lilting rhyme and perfectly pitched illustrations.


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The Way Past Winter

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

This eagerly-awaited story by award-winning author Kiran Millwood Hargrave is the perfect winter adventure story, telling of an extraordinary adventure through the frozen north in a quest to reunite families and to break a cycle of endless winter

Mila lives with her siblings in their small cabin deep in the wintry forest. One night, mysterious strangers arrive near their village looking for shelter. The next morning, the men have gone but they have taken Mila's brother Oskar with them.

Mila sets out on a perilous quest to rescue Oskar, leading her through frozen landscapes. Mila will have to find a way past the eternal winter to reclaim spring again and reunite her family.

Kiran Millwood Hargrave is a masterful storyteller and this spectacular new tale about siblings, bravery and not losing hope is likely to capture imaginations and whisk readers on a mesmerising pursuit through magical realms. A captivating read to warm hearts on cold, winter days.


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A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky

Stuart Atkinson & Brendan Kearney

Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky is an illustrated guide to explain the different elements of the night sky to children, as described by a friendly and knowledgable cat called Felicity.

The book is hugely informative but also accessible to young children – in fact it would make a perfect accompaniment to a space topic in primary classrooms. Through colour illustrations, well pitched blocks of explanatory text and a friendly feline narrator, this book is likely to hold a high appeal to children and teachers alike.

Discover how to discern which of the lights in the night sky are planets, why winter is the best time for stargazing and what the fuzzy patches that astronomers call ‘deep sky objects’ are actually made of. There is also lots of practical advice for would-be astronomers, such as which kinds of locations are best for stargazing and which constellations to look for at different times of year.

Entertaining, informative and visually appealing, this is a wonderful choice of non-fiction text for classroom libraries.

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The Train to Impossible Places

P.G. Bell

The Train to Impossible Places is a whizz-pop-bang of an adventure story that will make readers young and old want to jump on board!

From the moment the Impossible Postal Express crashes unexpectedly through Suzy’s living room, the plot hurtles on at a hundred-miles-an-hour as it twists its way through imaginative realms. The postal workers on the magical train whisk Suzy along with them on their mission to deliver top secret packages to impossible places, encountering villains, heroes and everything in between along the way. The story is also brought to life by Flavia Sorrentino's eye-catching illustrations that perfectly capture the spirit of adventure in the narrative.

Super imaginative, action-packed and filled with exciting new worlds and fantastical characters, this book has all the ingredients to be a massive hit.

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