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Non-fiction: Raintree topic sets

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Over the last month we’ve had the chance to look at a set of topic books from Raintree publishing. Raintree publish both fiction and non-fiction but specialise in non-fiction and have many titles that are aligned with the UK primary National Curriculum. Raintree also offers value packs of books that are themed around different topics (, perfect for stocking up school libraries.


In this blog post I will review three of the titles in the Stone Age topic pack and give details at the end of a fantastic book giveaway from Raintree.


1. Skara Brae (Prehistoric Britain)

Dawn Finch

This informative non-fiction text covers the topic of Skara Brae, a prehistoric settlement in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. The site was discovered by archaeologists after a storm in 1850 and the remains of the village give important clues about what life was like during the Stone Age. This information book is well-pitched for KS2 and includes colour photographs that show how the findings help to explain life during the Stone Age.


Order Skara Brae (Prehistoric Britian) online or from your local bookshop or library.


2. Stone Age Tablet (Newspapers from History)

Andrew Langley

Written in the form of a newspaper, this fun book is packed with information about different aspects of prehistoric life. Articles include ‘What’s So Great About Iron?’, an interview with a flint knapper, homes for sales, fashion updates and adverts for hunting lessons. 


3. Stone Circles (Prehistoric Britain)

Dawn Finch

This non-fiction text written by school literacy consultant Dawn Finch, belongs to the same series as Skara Brae but this time explores the topic of prehistoric Stone Circles. Find out who was behind the construction of stone circles, where they are located, how the builders managed to move such enormous blocks of stone and why these ancient monuments were built in the first place.


Many thanks to publisher Raintree for sending me review copies of these books. You can find these titles and more on our Stone Age to Iron Age booklist.




To celebrate their 50% summer sale, Raintree Publishing has kindly provided a whole topic pack to give away to one of our followers!

The winner may choose a topic pack of their choice from Raintree’s catalogue, with various different history, geography, science, PSHE and computing topics included!


To enter to win, simply follow @booksfortopics on Twitter and retweet the giveaway tweet before midnight Monday 16th July 2018 (T&Cs here).

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