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Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters are usually naturally caused phenomena relating to severe weather changes or geological events. These disasters can happen across the globe and are a popular geography topic for pupils to explore in Key Stage 2. From tsunamis and tornadoes to earthquakes and eruptions, we've picked out a selection of recommended children's books that cover our extreme Earth and help pupils to explore the topic of natural disasters....

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Wild Weather
Liz Gogerly & Miguel Sanchez

This funkily illustrated title explores all types of weather with four children Anjali, Lulu, Mason and Noah. Their teacher, Mr Sangar, explains that weather is about what's happening in the atmosphere. And, there are six major things going on up there that are constantly changing and making our weather. Mason's dad explains the water cycle to them. They experience all types of weather, such as rain, snow, sleet and hail and see some fantastic rainbows too. They learn about extreme weather , such as floods, hurricanes and typhoons and find out how to identify different types of clouds and lightning . They discover the different climate zones, learn about jet streams and get serious about climate change and global warming. A good choice for younger learners.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
The Big Picture: Extreme Earth
Jon Richards

In Extreme Earth, discover the natural phenomena and weather that shape our Earth and its landscape, from mighty earthquakes to powerful hurricanes.
Key information is presented in accessible chunks and accompanied by stunning panoramic illustrations, whilst infographic panels offer the reader memorable bite-sized facts. 

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
A Bear Grylls Adventure: The Blizzard Challenge
Bear Grylls & Emma McCann
Short chapter book

The first thrilling adventure in the brand-new collectible series for young readers from survival expert and Chief Scout BEAR GRYLLS. Olly isn't enjoying activity camp. Why should he bother building a shelter or foraging for food with his teammates - he'd rather be at home in the warm and dry, where the sofa and the video games are. But then Olly gets given a compass with a mysterious fifth direction. When he follows it, he's magically transported to a high mountain range where he meets survival expert Bear Grylls. With his help, Olly must learn to survive in sub-zero temperatures, including what to do if the ice cracks when you're crossing a frozen lake, or a blizzard sets in . . .

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Swimming Against the Storm
Jess Butterworth
Chapter book

Twelve-year-old Eliza and her sister Avery have lived their entire lives in a small fishing village on the coast of Louisiana, growing up alongside turtles, pelicans and porpoises. But now, with sea levels rising, their home is at risk of being swept away.Determined to save the land, Eliza and her younger sister Avery secretly go searching in the swamp for the dangerous, wolf-like loup-garou . If they can prove this legendary creature exists, they're sure that the government will have to protect its habitat - and their community.
But there's one problem: the loup-garou has never been seen before. And with a tropical storm approaching and the sisters deep, deep in the swampland, soon it's not just their home at risk, but their lives as well...

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Hurricane Bestey
Malorie Blackman
Short Chapter book

A hurricane is on it's way . . . And Betsey can't wait! Join her as she helps prepare for the storm, is entered into a very strange contest, and even attempts to eat a MONSTER hamburger in four fabulously funny adventures.
This book is one of five collections featuring Betsey Biggalow from Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman. Beautifully illustrated by Jamie Smith, these stories are ideal for building confidence in young readers, whether reading aloud or alone.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
The Somerset Tsunami
Emma Carroll
Chapter book

A sinking boat. A girl in disguise. A disappearing sea.

When Fortune Sharpe carves a boat from a tree with her beloved brother, Gem, she's only having a bit of fun. But now is not the time for a girl to be drawing attention to herself. She is sent away to find work dressed as a boy. Luckily a rich manor house is hiring.

Yet Berrow Hall's inhabitants harbour dangerous secrets of their own, the suspicious owner is hunting for witches, and the house itself is a little too close to the sea.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Alvaro F. Villa
Wordless picturebook

With intensely coloured, gorgeous artwork, Alvaro F. Villa depicts the effects of a devastating flood on a family and their home in this wordless - and startlingly beautiful - picture book.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Kathy Furgang

This non-fiction text is part of the National Geographic 'Everything' series and is full of high quality photographs and incredible facts that will build a picture of just how powerful volcanoes and earthquakes can really be. 

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Into the Volcano
Jess Butterworth
Chapter book

Set on top of a super volcano, this is an adventure about coming to terms with grief, letting go of anger at the world and finding hope and joy in the most unexpected of places.

Vivi and Seb live halfway across the world from each other, living completely separate lives, until a terrible event unexpectedly makes their paths collide. When they meet at a memorial and put together a plan to make things better, it becomes a race for survival as they try and find their way out of the wilderness.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Izzy Howell

Learn about volcanoes and find out how they form, where they are most likely to be and how scientists study them through diagrams and case studies.
Fact Planet is a lively, information-filled geography series, packed full of colourful illustrations, clear explanations and fun quizzes to test your knowledge. The eye-catching flat illustrations combined with occasional photos bring geography and environmental issues to life.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Pop-Up Volcano
Tom Vaillant
Pop-up non-fiction

Open this book and step into the fiery world of volcanoes! Find out why they erupt, what scientists can learn from them and which animals call them home. Explore volcanoes at the bottom of the sea, gaze upon the volcanoes of Mars, and travel back in time to find out what happened to the city of Pompeii...

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Escape from Pompeii
Christina Balit

Escape from Pompeii tells the story of a young boy called Tranio who lives in Pompeii at the time of the famous eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79.  This captivating picture book allows readers to follow the footsteps of Tranio and his friend Livia as they come to terms with the destruction of their city and find their own routes to freedom. There is also an accompanying KS2History Planning Pack available.

Victorians children's books: Hetty Feather
Ratty's Big Adventure
Lara Hawthorne

In this beautifully illustrated picture book from Lara Hawthorne, a mysterious creature from a secluded volcano crater explores the outside world for the very first time . . . but is it not what he expects it to be! Will his adventure teach him there is no place like home?

 Inspired by the recent scientific breakthroughs of Mount Bosavi, in which over 40 new species of animals and plants were identified, Lara Hawthorne seamlessly combines story and fact in this picture book which celebrates the diversity of life.

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