Fire, Fire!

The Great Fire of London: 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1666

Emma Adams & James Weston Lewis

Published to mark the 350th anniversary of the fire, The Great Fire of London is a spectacular visual retelling of whole story of the fire, from the first piece of coal that starts smouldering in the oven of the Pudding Lane bakery to a whole city engulfed by raging red and orange flames. With stunning illustrations, captivating storytelling and a treasure trove of historical fact, this books is an absolute essential for classrooms covering this topic.  There is also an accompanying activity book (click to see on Amazon).

Vlad and the Great Fire of London

Kate Cunningham & Sam Cunningham

This is a picture book about the Great Fire of London, written by a primary teacher who was inspired to create it after teaching the topic for many years. It follows the events of the Great Fire as seen through the eyes of a tiny flea called Vlad who lives on the back of Boxton the rat. The two friends visit the bakery on Pudding Lane and witness the start of the fire before they join the masses of people fleeing the fire. Vlad and Boxton travel through the burning streets of London, watching the houses being destroyed and passing Samuel Pepys as he buries his most precious possessions. We were really struck by the images of the London refugee camps at the end, drawing striking comparisons to current day events and experiences. The author also offers school visits and resources via her website.

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Toby and The Great Fire Of London

Margaret Nash & Jane Cope

Written especially for young readers, Toby and The Great Fire of London tells the story of Toby's experiences of the Great Fire of London. A great short story for KS1, with detailed cartoon-style images that bring the events of the Great Fire to life.

The Great Fire of London Unclassified

Nick Hunter

An exciting non-fiction text that will capture pupils' interest through its quest to find the real story behind the Great Fire. The Great Fire of London Unclassified is a popular choice for guided reading, especially for those looking for a text with a less 'cartoony' feel to it than most of the other non-fiction options for this topic.

The Great Fire Of London

Liz Gogerly

This non-fiction book was written especially for KS1 and is a good way of introducing the conventions of information texts, including a full glossary, captions and an index. The accessible text of The Great Fire Of London is accompanied by detailed illustrations and photographs of artefacts.

Raven Boy

Pippa Goodhart

This is a novel featuring the adventures of young Nick Truelove as he encounters the Great Fire of London and sets out on a quest to seek revenge for the death of his parents. Raven Boy is a good choice if you are looking for a text suitable for more confident readers or a slightly older class. 

Charlie and the Great Fire of London

Sue Finnie, Danièle Bourdais & Yannick Robert

Follow the adventures of Charlie and his friend Pierre, who go on a class trip to Monument to find out about the Great Fire of London, but end up travelling back in time to 1666. Charlie and the Great Fire of London is a fun story filled with appealing cartoon-style illustrations.

Mr Fawkes, the King and the Gunpowder Plot

Tom Bradman & Tony Bradman

This is an exciting and accessible text that follows the story of Cecil the spymaster as he learns of the plot to kill the king. Mr Fawkes, the King and the Gunpowder Plot is highly recommended for Year 2 classes.

The Gunpowder Plot

Gillian Clements

Part of a series called 'Great Events', The Gunpowder Plot is suitable for guided or independent reading in KS1. This narrative recounts the story of the gunpowder plot and includes black and white illustrations. 

Black Powder

Ally Sherrick

Suitable for KS2, this is an action packed historical adventure that transports the reader back to England at the time of the Gunpowder Plot.  Black Powder tells the story of a boy called Tom, who finds himself at the service of an intriguing stranger called ‘The Falcon’. The stranger seems to be the only person who can help Tom to save his father from being hanged, but as Tom journeys towards London he discovers that the Falcon has his own, somewhat explosive, mission in mind. Suddenly Tom is faced with the choice of freeing his father or saving the king from an assassination plot. This gripping adventure will capture imaginations and is likely to resonate with anybody who has ever felt like knowing which people and beliefs to trust can sometimes be extremely difficult. 

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