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Christmas Books (KS2)

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Best Christmas Books for Children Aged 7-11

Our list of the best children’s books about Christmas features books that celebrate the joy of the festive season, as well as stories about being kind to others, celebrating with loved ones and enjoying the magic of Christmas Eve. Get into the festive spirit with our hand-picked recommendations of children’s books all about Christmas, featuring plenty of appearances from Father Christmas, herds of flying reindeer and magical snowmen…

As the festive season unfolds, children looking for Christmas chapter books will delight in funny festive favourites such as The Christmas Carrolls,  heartwarming adventures with friends made from snow like in Sophie Anderson’s The Snow Girl, and recommended children’s Christmas books about adventures with Father Christmas himself, like Ben Miller’s  The Night I Met Father Christmas.

Our handpicked selection includes a range of recommended Christmas stories for children aged 7-11. If you are looking for Christmas picturebooks for younger readers, try our Christmas EYFS/KS1 booklist.

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Super Fun Christmas Chapter Books

Mel Taylor-Bessent
 & Selom Sunu
Chapter book

Mel Taylor-Bessent offers her own masterclass in writing for children in the form of her debut chapter book, The Christmas Carrolls. Sprinkled with seasonal goodwill and a good dose of ho-ho-ho, this is a perfectly heart-warming and humorous read for the festive season.

Holly Carroll and her family are crazy about Christmas, but with a little help from a special new friend, Holly discovers that the festive season is not always as cheer-filled for everyone as she once thought. When the world begins to lose its sparkle, Holly finds a way to channel her inner Christmas spirit to embrace her community and make a real difference to those in need.

We thoroughly enjoyed this feel-good read with its loveable cast of characters, festive puns aplenty and themes of kindness, inclusion and sparing a thought for others in the community.

Tom Fletcher
 & Shane Devries
Chapter book

The Christmasaurus is the story of William Trundle – a dinosaur enthusiast, and his father – a Christmas enthusiast. When a series of events forces William to grapple with a season of loneliness, he sends a clever letter to Santa, initiating a magical Christmas journey.

Fans of The Creakers will be drawn to this book and will recognise the combination of good-natured humour and a focus on the determination and bravery of child characters who see their adventure though with a strong sense of self.  This book has earned its place as a staple among classroom Christmas tales. Tom Fletcher skillfully captures the magic of Christmas time with all of its hope and surprises, while Shane Devries’s illustrations add depth to the narrative. The overall charm and whimsical nature of the story along with an endearing cast of characters make it a delightful festive read, especially for Lower Ks2.

Jenny Pearson
 & Katie Kear
Chapter book

Oscar and Molly are spending their first Christmas with their paternal grandparents, Lord and Lady Cuthbert-Anderson. It is a family tradition to put on a Nativity production in the village church, but due to past dramas and disasters, Oscar’s parents have opted out until now. Grandfather is ill, and this may be the last opportunity to participate with him, making special memories. An angel crash landing in the garden is the first sign that this Christmas is going to be very different!

Angel Gabriel has made a mistake and accidentally blasted Mary, Joseph, Donald the donkey, Wise Man Balthazar and a shepherd called Steve, 2,000 years into the future. If they cannot be returned to the correct time and place, then Christmas will be cancelled! Besides the obvious, Christmas is important to Oscar as it is the anniversary of when his parents first met – no Christmas, no Oscar and Molly!

Once Gabriel has described the situation to Oscar, they are in a hilarious race against time to ensure that the Nativity happens in Bethlehem. With the others scattered around the countryside, and Mary and Joseph attempting to continue their journey, it will take resourcefulness to find them, not to mention keeping their identity secret.

Besides being very funny, this is a poignant and tender story about a family discovering the true meaning of Christmas. Jenny Pearson is an expert at creating likeable, personable characters with whom the reader can really engage, whatever unusual situations they find themselves in! The chapter headings of Christmas carol and song titles with additional humorous, ironic comments by Oscar, add to the fun.

This would be a great class read-aloud in the run-up to Christmas.

Matt Lucas
 & Forrest Burnett
Chapter book
The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas is a delightful tale that blends the enchantment of the festive season with the joy of music, and one that will appeal to the many children who love both. What sets this book apart is the clever addition of QR codes sprinkled throughout the narrative, linking to a musical soundtrack of songs that enhance the reading experience. Readers can fully immerse themselves in Leo’s world, with printed lyrics encouraging them to join in the musical adventure.

The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas recounts the heartwarming story of Leo, a big fan of all things Christmas, as he navigates the challenges of planning the perfect Christmas while his grieving family is coming to terms with the recent loss of his mother. Leo’s journey to create a magical Christmas for his family unfolds with unexpected twists and challenges, but with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, a happy ending is just around the corner. This story captures the hope that Christmas has to offer even in bleaker seasons of life, and a time to reflect on what truly matters amid busy Christmas preparations.

As an aside, fans of a certain Baked Potato may notice a little cameo in the catchy song “Chips”, which adds a playful touch that both children and adults may appreciate.

Drawing on his background in comedy and musical theatre, Matt Lucas injects a whimsical charm and a touch of originality into the crowded market of Christmas chapter books this year. The story has earned a spot on our Christmas Booklist for KS2, and the songs and additional activities are available via the author’s website

Heartwarming Christmas Stories

Catherine Doyle
Chapter book

We think that this beautifully written re-working of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is destined to become a future classic. It combines huge emotional impact with a sparklingly entertaining story sprinkled with magic and magnificent characters. George and his dad embark upon a soul-searching quest to visit Christmases past, present and future. With the help of an amusing cast of friends from energetic elves to reluctant reindeer, all the magic of Christmas is brought back to the family just in time for Christmas day itself. 

Sarah Lean
 & Fiona Woodcock
Chapter book

The Good Bear is a superb story to snuggle up with in the winter months, exploring themes of families, relationships and ‘togetherness’ through the tale of a young girl and a life-changing visit to the Norwegian winter. Thea, the main character, retells her story as a first-person narrative and sets the scene for the action to come through the first chapter, where she is beginning to settle down to tell her tale to her daughter as a part of a long-standing Christmas tradition.

In her story, set 30 years before, Thea receives an invitation to spend the Christmas holidays with her estranged father, who works as a carpenter and lives with his wife and her children in Norway. As she arrives, there is news that a bear has escaped from a circus and may be hiding in the forests near to where she is staying.

Thea’s complex emotions towards her father are sensitively and honestly written; particularly Thea’s anger towards Henry’s new family and their seemingly perfect life. Thea’s relationship with the bear is central to the story and gives the book a sense of Christmas magic that is warm and gentle; a welcome contrast to the more overtly tinsel-filled Christmas books.

A beautiful story brimming with winter magic.

Alex T. Smith

A cross between a Christmas story and an advent calendar, this charming hardback book is structured into 24½ chapters – one for each day of advent. Each day’s offering includes the next chapter of the story and easy-to-follow instructions for an accompanying craft to make or activity to try.

Winston is a little mouse who finds himself caught up in a special adventure with a festive theme. When Winston stumbles across a lost letter addressed to Father Christmas, he makes it his mission to deliver the letter to the North Pole in time for Christmas. It’s not an easy expedition, but along the way Winston is helped by a cast of generous friends and helpful strangers. This is a heart-warming story that celebrates simple acts of kindness towards other people and together with the craft activities it makes a wonderful book for families, groups or school classes to enjoy exploring together in the run-up to Christmas.

Sophie Anderson
 & Melissa Castrillon
Chapter book

A beautiful, wintery story sprinkled with folklore and magic, from much-loved author Sophie Anderson.

Since ‘the incident’ at Claw’s Edge, Tasha has found it hard to trust or let anyone in. She has vowed to stay near home where it is safe and despite a longing to make new friends and much encouragement from her family, her anxiety prevents her from reaching out. That is until she meets Alyana. Created in the first snowfall by Tasha and her Grandpa and modelled on the Snow Girl from his bedtime stories, a wish brings her to life and Alyana and Tasha adventure together through the winter nights, forming a close bond. Not wanting to lose her magical friend, Tasha longs to hold onto the winter, but when the endless snowfall and the freezing temperatures make Grandpa ill, Tasha must find a way for the Spring to come. But to do that, she will need the help of some friends. Can her bond with Alyana help her to be brave?

There is so much love and warmth in this story, despite the wintery setting. The descriptions are so evocative, the elements of folklore and fairytale are beautifully woven into the storytelling as they always are with Sophie Anderson’s writing and the relationships between the characters are so kind and gentle too. The way all the characters support Tasha through her anxiety is sensitively written. They let her take the lead, accept her choices and give her their time, patience and acceptance.

This would make a brilliant class read aloud for the winter months or would make a fantastic text to use as part of a KS2 traditional tales unit, being steeped in Slavic folklore, magic and mythology. Extracts could also be used as writing models, particularly for descriptions of winter landscapes that awaken all the senses.

The front cover says it all, and it’s just as beautiful within!

Sally Nicholls
 & Rachael Dean
Chapter book

Time slip adventures are the order of the day in A Christmas in Time (Nosy Crow) by Sally Nichols and Rachael Dean. Alex and Ruby fall through a magic mirror and land just before Christmas in 1873. There’s plenty of fun to be had preparing for a Victorian Christmas and a host of old traditions are explored. The two children also learn of the misfortune and peril faced by many during this period. Good will and festive spirit abound though, and this makes an enjoyable and fast-paced Christmas time read for fans of historical fiction…

Helen Peters
Chapter book

Animal lovers will quickly be drawn into Helen Peters’ A Donkey Called Mistletoe, illustrated by Ellie Snowden. Jasmine is no stranger to caring for animals, with her parents being a farmer and a vet. When Jasmine discovers that old Mr Hobson is no longer able to take care of his pet donkey, Mistletoe, she is desperate to help. It might take a bit of work to persuade her parents that a donkey won’t cause too much trouble at Christmas, by Jasmine is determined to make it work. Combining an animal rescue narrative with festive cheer, this is a good choice for readers who love a gentle and heartwarming style of story.

Michael Morpurgo
 & Robin Shaw
Chapter book

This is a new novelised adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ classic story (also available here), bringing all the magic of the original tale into a narrative form.

A boy named James is so excited when snow arrives on his farm that he rushes outside to build the snowman he has been longing to create. Wonderfully, the snowman comes to life and gives James a magical adventure that he will never forget. This cherished story that never loses its magical appeal, is bound to be a favourite for many to curl up with this Christmas.

Children's Books About Father Christmas

Ben Miller
 & Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini
Chapter book

The Night I Met Father Christmas is a new story with the feel of a Christmas classic, written by comedian Ben Miller. Take A Christmas Carol and mix it with ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and you might be somewhere close to the plot of this enjoyable tale that will prove popular with readers in the 7-10 age bracket.

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone in Jackson’s family is busy getting ready for the big day. Jackson thinks he knows all the old stories about Father Christmas, including the secrets of flying reindeer and the physics-defying magic of delivering presents all around the world in just one night. But when Father Christmas reaches Jackson’s house in the middle of the night and has a bit of a mishap, Jackson embarks upon a thrilling adventure that allows him to see a whole new side to the jolly man with the red suit.

As Father Christmas opens up to Jackson about his personal history, an exciting story unfolds that will take readers on a festive adventure laced with the perfect balance of humour and tenderness. For a chapter book, it’s not a long read (you could easily read it in one or two sittings) but it is a very enjoyable one. Coupled with detailed illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, this is a charming story that will bring the spirit of Christmas to readers young and old alike.

Tom McLaughlin
Chapter book
The latest hilarious caper from author Tom McLaughlin. Funny by name. Funny by nature. Ben has one important thing on his Christmas list, and it's the same thing every year. He wants his dad to be at home for Christmas. But his wish never comes true. And Ben's starting to get a bit sceptical about Father Christmas's existence, he needs proof. So, on Christmas Eve, he sets up an elaborate booby trap to capture the jolly bearded fella as he comes sliding down the chimney. Kicking off a sequence of hilarious events that makes this Christmas the most bonkers ever!
Matt Haig
 & Chris Mould
Chapter book

This hilarious novel is a festive favourite with KS2. A Boy Called Christmas tells the story of Nikolas, whose father is a woodcutter who has disappeared on a dangerous expedition to find Santa’s elves. Nikolas sets out to the Far North to rescue his father, encountering danger, new friends and a good deal of Christmas magic along the way. Eventually Nikolas he finds that he has his very own part to play in bringing festive joy to many others.

You may also like the other stories in the series: The Girl Who Saved Christmas and Father Christmas and Me.

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