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Emma Perry shares her top five books about… books!

It should come as no huge surprise that I adore books about books. I’m a little bit obsessed with them… the ones that do it right. I don’t like to be bonked over the head with the message about how AMAZING books are, but I do like a bit of nod, wink and giggle about the amazing surprises that can be lurking inside. So without further ado, here are five of my favourites…

W. E. Joyce

In a reversal of the typical order, the wonderful story of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore began life as a film, graced our iPad screens as an inspiring Book App, and then the book form emerged. Morris Lessmore is a character who “loved words”. However, when his orderly life is “scattered” by a terrible storm he finds himself wandering aimlessly. A lady “being pulled along by a festive squadron of flying books” marks the beginning of the magic of books being poured into this story. She sends Morris her favourite book, which in turn leads him to a magnificent old building filled with books yearning for attention… and so Morris’s journey and love of books begins. I adore how the books are treated as having true personalities, just like the books in Mabel’s bedroom! Does anyone else consider this when they are organising their shelves – that there are certain books that shouldn’t be shelved together? Urm, just me then?!?!

Angelica Banks
Chapter book

Finding Serendipity is a fantastic adventure novel brimming with imagination, a love of books, a respect for words and a big dash of magic. Tuesday McGillycuddy’s (how great is that name?!) mum is the author of a beloved children’s series. She is busy working ALL hours to complete the latest in the series when she suddenly disappears… into her own book! Tuesday must get herself into the world too, and rescue her mum, leading to a story full of pirates and adventures, sailing ships and oodles of magic. I loved it, it really made me wonder what type of book I’d love to find myself in the middle of!

Joseph Coelho
 & Fiona Lumbers

Libraries, Dads, books and a huge love of reading and stories. There was no doubt in mind my that this one was going to land proudly on this list. A gorgeous book and a lovely celebration, with a bonus rhyming story in the middle. Perfect!

Emma Perry
 & Sharon Davey

A real treat for booklovers and not-yet-book-lovers alike, all about the irresistible magic of the world of books!

This book is a wonderful addition to the classroom library. There is a lot of repetition of language to support readers in being gently led through the story and the symmetry of the beginning and the ending is lovely. The charming illustrations bring the story to life and the book itself needs to be rotated while being read, which keeps it engaging and furthers the sense of adventuring inside the book.

This picture book about the charms of reading will turn normal days into book days all year round.

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