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Worst Day Ever!

Book Synopsis

Meet Mylan – an ordinary blue alien. He’s travelling the universe, looking for someone having a bad day, to help them.

Meet Chloe. She’s just stubbed her toe. Now she’s being followed by an alien. Her day can only get better, right? WRONG.

Every bad day begins with a stubbed toe. Mylan Bletzleburger’s research proves this. But even he couldn’t predict how Chloe’s day would escalate from a sore foot to the entire Earth being swallowed up.

Can Mylan and Chloe save the planet? Will Mylan ever pilot a cool spaceship? And will Tanka Tanka Woo Woo, the Queen of the Universe, ever share her haircare secrets?

Funny and packed with action and quirky aliens, this intergalactic adventure is out of this world!

Our Review Panel says...

Mylan is from the planet Empathia, a place where everyone feels so much empathy that if one person is upset, the whole population dissolves into tears. To avoid this universal pain, the inhabitants of the planet ensure that no one is ever unhappy and Empathia has evolved into a utopian society. Upon discovering that the rest of the universe does not live in the same harmony and happiness, Mylan sets out to collect stories of the bad days of other species: aiming to cheer them up along the way. This is when he meets Chloe… Chloe is an ordinary Earth-girl having an extraordinarily bad day. Unfortunately, when Mylan intercedes and tries to improve it by ordering her an ice cream from an intergalactic delivery company, he accidently orders the recycling of the Earth instead. Now it’s an apocalyptically bad day! With a rapidly reducing amount of time, Mylan and Chloe set off across the galaxy to try to find technology advanced enough to stop the recycling and rescue the doomed planet from the belly of the recyclers’ ship. Things begin to look up when they meet the incredibly powerful Queen of the Universe. But, can they actually come up with a solution and make it back in time to stop the process? This humorous and imaginative book features a host of alien characters and an action-packed plot that will keep children gripped. This laugh-out-loud space adventure will appeal to fans of Tom McLaughlin, Sam Copeland and Pamela Butchart. Reviewer: Louise Buisson

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