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The Extraordinary World of Birds

Book Synopsis

Journey through the skies with this beautifully illustrated bird book for children!

Parrots, hummingbirds, eagles and more, swoop across the pages of this colorful bird book, featuring illustrations and photographs to immerse young nature enthusiasts in the extraordinary world of

Discover the surprising homes, relationships, and habitats of our feathered friends, and learn about how we can protect the wonderful bird world.

Within its pages, you will find:

-Fascinating and detailed information about birds, making it a perfect classroom read
-A glossary of bird terminology and full list of national birds
-Detailed illustrations and photographs of all things bird – beaks, feathers, nests, eggs, habitats and more!
-Fun and surprising facts that will make you want to learn more

Discover the wondrous world of birds!

Also known as the Urban Birder, author David Lindo’s engaging text will show children just how amazing birds are, what they do for our planet, and how we can help to protect birds and their natural habitats. This book shows that birding can be accessible to all, inspiring even city-dwellers to engage with birds in urban environments.

Accompanied by enchanting illustrations of bird families including gamebirds, flightless birds, and perching birds, are amazing facts about how birds talk to each other, what they eat, and how they are able to fly.

From frozen ice-scapes to sweltering deserts, from prehistoric ancestors to amazing adaptations, explore the surprising homes, relationships, and habits of our feathered friends.

For the bird watchers of the future, this is the perfect bird identification book for kids to encourage their interest in the animal planet, and learn how to conserve it.

Explore the natural world in its entirety!

The Extraordinary World of Birds is the most recent title in the breathtaking series that contains The Magic and Mystery of Trees, The Book of Brilliant Bugs, and Earth’s Incredible Oceans.

Our Review Panel says...

The Extraordinary World of Birds is a hardback, quality text with a weighty feel. Beautifully illustrated and packed with information, as we would expect from Dorling Kindersley, it makes an accessible introduction to the subject for beginner bird lovers whilst still containing enough detail and depth to stimulate afficionados. Beginning with ‘What is a Bird?’ and the evolutionary link with dinosaurs, we learn the basics of flight, the purpose of nests, the incubation of eggs and bird eating habits. Each page is well laid out with good use of colour and fonts, and the text is both clearly factual and enticingly expressive, for example ‘a forked tail makes this bird elegant and buoyant in the air’. There are plenty of snippets that the reader will immediately want to share with a “Did you know…!”, such as that a stork’s nest can weigh as much as a horse and that a diving peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world at 390 kph. Following sections cover bird families, bird behaviour, bird habitats and ‘birds and us’, and at 80 pages there is plenty of satisfying detail here. Personally, I particularly enjoyed learning about the various bird families, such as passerines (perching birds) and flightless birds, and their intriguing behaviours, such as territorial defence and amazing migrations. Of particular note in this book is the excellent use of photography. Far too many modern non-fiction texts aimed at children are over-reliant on stylized artwork and design, when children would benefit more from realistic images to gain real-world understanding. Here, while many of the backgrounds are illustrations, almost all of the bird images are photographic images collaged over the top. The Extraordinary World of Birds has been excellently executed as a primer to the wonderful avian world and will be pored over by children with an interest in the natural environment. Reviewer: Carol Carter

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