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Super Silly Museums

Book Synopsis

Going to the museum has never been so much fun!

Much-loved illustrator Nick Sharratt invites you to stroll around eight magnificently silly museums, in this picture-book giggle-fest that will keep children entertained for hours.

Sturdy fold-out pages open to reveal a feast of laughs, silliness, dreadful puns and crazy objects.

Step inside the super-stinky Poo-seum, to discover some totally bonkers toilets.

Keep super-quiet at the Snoozeum, where all the animals are asleep.

You won’t believe your eyes at the Confuseum, with its brain-boggling optical illusions!

There’s even a museum for you to fill in yourself: the amazing All-About-YOU-seum, where you can draw and write all about YOU!

Open the sturdy fold-out pages to find a feast of silly things to giggle at

Children will love poring over these fun-filled pages, and laughing at all the puns.

Have fun filling in the final museum that’s all about YOU! What’s your favourite food? And your lucky number? What will you look like when you grow up? What would your superpower be?

Nick Sharratt is one of the UK’s favourite and most acclaimed illustrators. His bestselling titles include the hugely popular Ketchup on your Cornflakes?; The Cat and the King and the You Choose series.

He is also the illustrator of the bestselling novels by Jacqueline Wilson and has won every major award for his illustration.

Nick has even been presented with a gold Blue Peter badge!

Our Review Panel says...

All the fun of You Choose is met with a new dollop of imaginative charm in Nick Sharratt’s Super Silly Museums. This bright and colourful picturebook with fold-out flaps takes the reader on a journey through a host of whimsical fictional museums. Once you get started, there’s no stopping the imagination when it comes to museum types. Young readers will love the snoozeum filled with sleeping animals, the confuseum of optical illusions and the shoe-seum featuring an alphabet of footwear. Those who love a bit of toilet humour will be drawn to the pooseum (exhibiting of unusual toilets and a ‘wee-search’ centre), while readers who prefer getting to grips with new words will enjoy poring over the Q-seum. There’s plenty to entertain and amuse under the museum flaps and there’s lots of information to absorb among the labelled exhibitions too. Right at the end of the book, the author sets up a ‘You-seum’, to be completed by the reader. Nick Sharratt’s wit and illustrative flair makes the book oodles of fun for young and old and will no doubt spark additional hours of entertainment as readers make up their own museum types or add ideas to the existing exhibitions. Just like You Choose, many readers will be drawn into simply poring over the bright and busy pages, noticing details, identifying personal preferences and taking in the variety of different items on display. A perfect book for sharing. Reviewer: Alison Leach

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