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How to Survive Anywhere

Book Synopsis

From the dense rainforests of the Amazon to the chill of the snowy Arctic, come on an intrepid adventure to the world’s most extreme places, and find out just what it takes to survive there.

Discover how to navigate the vast Australian outback, keep yourself alive in a sandstorm in the Arabian desert, avoid a bear attack in a North American forest, explore the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean and even perform a spacewalk up in orbit!

In this beautiful and bright fully illustrated hardback book, visit 12 incredible and diverse habitats: the Arctic Circle, a North American forest, the Amazon Rainforest, a Pacific desert island, the Alps, the Arabian desert, the African savannah, the Himalayas, the Australian outback, Antarctica, deep in the ocean and high up in space on the International Space Station. Find out how the people, plants and animals who live in these incredible places have learnt to survive, pick up top tips for your own explorations, and discover what you can do to help protect these amazing environments for the future.

A thrilling adventure around the world that you won’t want to miss! Have you got what it takes to survive?

Our Review Panel says...

‘How to Survive Anywhere’ is a fantastic non-fiction book that takes the reader on a journey to the most extreme places in the world, and even into space!

The extreme places referenced in the text are some of the most well-known in the world including, the African Savannah, The Antarctic and the Amazon Rainforest. The book not only offers new and interesting facts about each place but also a deeper understanding of what it would truly take to survive in each. Each location has 4-6 pages   dedicated to it and follows a similar layout pattern.

The illustrations by Daniel Long are engaging and help to bring the words to life. I really liked the use of warning symbols to bring the reader’s attention to important ‘things to remember’. The references to animals found, as well as some true stories of survival, are bound to be reading highlights.

This text offers lots of opportunities for cross curricular teaching: it could be used to further develop geographical understanding, be used to develop debate and drama skills in English or used in a PSHE lesson when focussing on  looking after our world, ourselves and each other.

This book is an enjoyable read that is guaranteed to encourage the next generation of world explorers!

Reviewer: Hayley Warner

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How to Survive Anywhere

how to survive anywhere

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