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Another Twist in the Tale

Book Synopsis

You have heard, no doubt, the tale of Master Oliver Twist – that rags-to-riches boy; the parish orphan who became heir to the Brownlow fortune. But what few know is that was a second Twist – a girl, brought into this world moments ahead of her brother.

This is the story of Twill Twist and her journey through the gambling dens and workhouses of London, as she attempts to make a life for herself, rescue her friends, and uncover the mystery of her past, while meeting some familiar faces along the way.

Re-discover the Artful Dodger, Fagin, and Oliver Twist himself, along with a host of fantastic new heroes and villains, in this brilliantly-imagined, rip-roaring sequel to Dickens’ much-loved classic.

Our Review Panel says...

Another Twist in the Tale’ is a rip-roaring adventure set in the Victorian era. The ‘twist’ in the tale is given away right at the start and refers to a character rather than a plot device: what if Oliver Twist, that famous Dickensian orphan, had a twin sister? What would her story have been? Catherine Bruton’s newly-invented ode-to-Dickens explores just this idea.

The reader is immersed into Dickens’ London through the sights, smells, tastes and unique characters. There remains that dark, sinister quality we associate with his writing – summoning the feeling that you never know what dreadful thing may emerge from the shadows or how our heroine’s fate may suddenly be altered in the blink of an eye. The story highlights the plight of girls and women during the Victorian era and sets a feminist tone, as we see the prominent, colourful, female characters strive to overcome the disadvantages of their plights and find their place in a world where power so readily falls upon the men.

Catherine Bruton, author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria, has a clear passion for the works of Charles Dickens and the story, settings and character depictions are a faithful tribute to his writings. This is an exciting and enjoyable story which I am sure will engage young readers, drawing them into a modern version of the world of Dickens.

You can listen to the first chapter here.

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Another Twist in the Tale

another twist in the tale

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