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Amazing Treasures

Book Synopsis

Discover 100 of the world’s most remarkable artefacts, most stunning artworks and most intriguing ruins in this beautifully illustrated book about Earth’s treasures.

Treasures both natural and manmade make an appearance in a tour which stretches across thousands of years and all around the globe. Discover sunken wrecks loaded with pirate gold, the abandoned tombs of the world’s most powerful rulers and even meteorites – treasures from outer space!

A central gatefold offers a world map revealing the locations of all the treasures included in the book, while Blue Peter award-winning author David Long also addresses contemporary topics such as our threatened natural wonders and the ownership of cultural treasures.

Our Review Panel says...

Amazing Treasures is a new non-fiction gem by author and historian, David Long whose previous titles include the award-winning Survivors.

Presented in hard-back with evocative illustrations throughout, Amazing Treasures promises us 100+ mind-boggling objects and places considered to be ‘treasures’, both ancient and modern. The book opens with an explanation of what is considered a treasure – the perfect opening for a young reader wanting to understand why we become so fascinated by the world’s treasures, why people aspire to own them and why, perhaps, they need to be protected and preserved.

Amazing Treasures features a world of treasure hoards, sunken treasures and natural wonders, all written in a highly accessible way for young readers. A map – and who doesn’t love those? – in the centre of the book shows children where in the world each treasure is or was located. David Long gives just enough information for children to find out about each treasure but leaves them with the desire to find out more. For teachers, this book could be used as a platform to further learning and investigation or used to dip into to broaden children’s knowledge and curiosity of the world around them. This is a book to be pored over – as I did when it first arrived. I can also imagine it being returned to again and again. I loved that the book was presented in a matt finish and that photos were replaced by beautiful illustrations by Muti as it gives it a timeless appeal.

This book is perfect for KS2 readers and would be a great addition to any classroom or home. The subjects covered in Amazing Treasures will spark a journey of discovery for any inquisitive child and would have a deserved space in the non-fiction area of the classroom. As you can tell, I loved this book and am already planning to use it in the classroom with my own class. It’s simply a treasure of a book in its own right.

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