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A Pinch of Magic

Book Synopsis

Sisters, secrets and spellbinding adventure . . . Discover the bestselling Pinch of Magic adventures from Michelle Harrison. Pre-order A Storm of Sisters now!

The Widdershins sisters, Betty, Fliss and Charlie are trapped, prevented from leaving their home on Crowstone by an ancient family curse. When they inherit three magical objects with the power to change their fate, adventure beckons. But are they being led into even greater danger?

Join the Widdershins sisters and break the family curse in the first Pinch of Magic Adventure, shortlisted for the 2020 British Book Awards. Continue the adventures in A Sprinkle of Sorcery, A Tangle of Spells and A Storm of Sisters.

Our Review Panel says...

Spellbinding from start to finish, this is an enchanting tale of sisterhood, dark magic and a thrilling meeting of past and present worlds.

The story follows the three Widdershins sisters – Betty, Fliss and Charlie – who live with their overprotective grandmother on the isle of Crowstone. Their island is surrounded by unpredictable marshes and is set in the shadow of an inescapable prison tower. As if that’s not enough to make the girls feel caged in, they discover an ancient family curse meaning that any Widdershins girl who dares to leave Crowstone will die by the following sunset.

Middle sister Betty is a feisty protagonist who has always longed for adventure. Not the type to allow anything (be it grandmother’s strict rules or a seemingly unbreakable ancient curse) get in her way of exploring the wider world, Betty uses her steely determination and strength of mind to try to figure out a way to break the hold of the dark magic that grips her family history. Along the way, the sisters encounter magical objects, mysterious prisoners and perilous boat rides as they embark upon a spellbinding adventure that will change their lives forever.

I loved the strong female characters, the convincing magical realism and the thrilling sense of danger that kept me hooked until the end of the story. With some darker themes and hints of romance, this is most suitable for upper primary and lower secondary year groups. If you are looking for an original story that is bound to enchant and thrill its readers, this is the one for you.

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