Favourite Books of 2018

The Booksfortopics Best of 2018
What a year 2018 has been for children's books!


This month we asked our community of teachers, TAs, authors, librarians and book lovers to nominate their favourite children's books published in 2018.

This is what they told us... 

Pages and Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers

Anna James

Nominated by: Joanne Clarke (@bookloverjo), School Librarian & blogger at and also by Jackie Butler, Primary School Book Club Manager


Joanne says: "Since the disappearance of her mother, Tilly has lived in a bookshop with her grandparents, where she has found comfort amongst the pages of her favourite books. When she discovers her special ability, she realises this could hold the key to finding out what really happened to her mother. But she is unnerved by the appearance of the mysterious Enoch Chalk who turns up in the most unexpected of places, taking an unusual interest in Tilly and watching her very closely. Spellbinding and truly magical, I was totally enchanted by the world that Anna has created."


Jackie says: "This book encapsulates what every single reader has dreamt at some point in their life. Tilly lives in a bookshop and without spoiling anything, I can say she has adventures in books with characters in books! I would love to be a book wanderer. This is a gem of a book that you will want to share. Imagination runs riot throughout."

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The Storm Keeper's Island

Catherine Doyle

Nominated by: Laura (@Crowther79Laura), Year 3 Teacher


"I simply loved this book. From the start I was captured by the characters, the magic and the mystery. I loved the relationship between Fionn and his grandfather and towards the end it brought me to tears. All in all a fast-paced, exciting adventure. I can't wait to read Catherine's next book."

The Skylarks' War

Hilary McKay

Nominated by: Erin Foote (@erinlynhamilton), Reading Advocate



"The Skylarks' War by Hilary McKay is a lovely story set in the midst of the First World War. We know how harrowing this war was and how tough it was on the men sent to the front lines but also for those at home. Clarry is a wonderful girl who has boundless hope. She shows true determination throughout the story of her, her brother Peter and her cousin Rupert. I was laughing in places with the stories from Rupert and had tears streaming down my face in others. Such a beautiful story of love and hope in the face of adversity. The author captures some intense moments of battle, fear and agony in such a way to make it understandable for children reading the book. I was captivated throughout the whole book. I loved the characters, the storyline and the ending!"

The Restless Girls

Jessie Burton & Angela Barrett

Nominated by: Sophie Anderson (@sophieinspace), children's author of The House With Chicken Legs (available here)


"I love fairytale reimaginings and The Restless Girls is one of the best I've ever read. Beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated, the story smashes all the stereotypes in the original tale and sings of resistance, perseverance, strength and freedom. Perfect for sisters and brothers, boys and girls, young and old...I adore it!"


Vashti Hardy

Nominated by: Lots of you! Here are a few featured comments from Caroline Bews (@Mikeysgirl71) - Year 4 Teacher, David Keyte (@Mr_K_Teacher) - Year 4 Teacher and Justine Laismith (@justinelaismith) - children's author.


Caroline says: "A fantastic story following twins Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm who endeavour to complete their father’s dream of reaching South Polaris by going on an airship adventure. A lovely story with amazing characters, and a real sense of excitement and drama. Truly gripping from start to finish."


David says: "A thrilling adventure story that has a little bit of everything, Brightstorm is a book that I won't forget in a hurry. Vashti Hardy has you rooting for Arthur and Maudie throughout their journey to discover the truth about what has really happened to their father."


Justine says: "I have been looking for books with female STEM mentors and I am very pleased to find one here. Harriet is a great role model. She designed and made the sky-ship that does not drain natural resources nor pollute the air. She imparts her engineering and navigation knowledge to Maudie, who shows great interest in all things mechanical. Despite her intelligence, Harriet is thoughtful of her crew members. I enjoyed the narratives on the ship and the various expeditions. This book is a mixture of several stories I've come across: Captain Scott, Lieutenant Hornblower, The Golden Compass, Oliver Twist. The author has taken bits from them and come up with something of her own."

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Sky Song

Abi Elphinstone

Nominated by: Anna Tomlinson (@scoutfinch_75), Teaching Assistant



"Sky Song is an action-packed, magical adventure set in the icy North. Eska has been imprisoned by the evil Ice Queen who wants, more than anything, to steal her voice. Enter Flint, a member of the Fur tribe, who accidentally frees Eska. What ensues is a high stakes chase, in which both children will find out who they really are and where they truly belong. An enchanting read!"

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The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Andy Shepherd


Nominated by: Lots of you! Here are a few featured comments from Hayley Chapman (@misschapman101) - Year 3 Teacher, Andrew Murray - Year 3 Teacher and Jo Salmon (@missj_s) - Year 2 Teacher.



Hayley says: "An enjoyable, funny read which my class loved. So many opportunities for work related to the text and a real imagination kick-starter."


Andrew says: "What's not to like? It has dragons! Tomas picks a fruit from the tree when helping Grandad clear his jungle of a garden. What happens next includes explosive dragon poo, fun and laughter. This is the first of 3 books in the series and the last one goes on sale in January 2019. The author is great at responding on Twitter and by post...the kids loved that."


Jo says: "Thanks to this book my entire class are now dragon crazy! We absolutely adored reading this book as a class - the storyline and descriptive language had the children enthralled."


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The Visitor

Antje Damm

Nominated by: Simon Smith (@smithsmm), headteacher and blogger at


The Visitor is a wonderfully simple picturebook focussing on the joy children bring into our lives. The use of colour brings a joy to the tale. It has been a book I've found myself returning to often and every time I've left with a huge smile and a cosy warm glow. A magical book with a big heart.


Knights and Bikes

Gabrielle Kent, Rex Crowle & Luke Newall

Nominated by: Dean Boddington (@misterbodd), Year 1 Teacher and also by Andrew Murray, Year 3 Teacher


Dean says: "You'll want to devour this book in record time. Perfect to share aloud with a class or family.

Nessa and Demelza are the heroes that we need in our lives; curious, brave and hilariously funny! They build a great friendship and solve an ancient mystery whilst doing so. This 80s inspired brilliance will be loved by parents/teachers as much as the kids. Also, Captain Honkers (a pet Goose) steals the show (you'll want your own)."



Andrew says: "A honkingly great adventure story with 2 girls as lead characters. Action, friendship, a quest, a goose, bikes, 80s references, clues. My class was absolutely hooked. The author got in contact through Twitter and answered the children's questions too. That really made their day."


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The 1000 Year Old Boy

Ross Welford

Nominated by: Jayne Gould (@JayneG60), Primary School Librarian



"Alfie is like any other nearly teenage boy - except he’s a thousand years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England. When Alfie finds himself alone in the world following the death of his mother, he has to learn to trust newly found friends if he is going to succeed on his quest to grow old naturally. A compelling, thoughtful race against time with moments of laugh out loud humour, heartbreaking grief and high octane action; a touching, truly unforgettable story of finding friendship and acceptance."


The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

Christopher Edge

Nominated by: Jo Cummins (@BookSuperhero2), English Manager/Year 3 Teacher and blogger at


"I’ve nominated this book because I love the seamless way that Christopher Edge blends complex scientific theory with a gripping story in a way that’s totally accessible to middle grade readers. This of all his books, is the one which got to me the most and had me asking the most questions. A true master of science fiction writing in a modern and relevant style. I can’t wait to see what he publishes next."


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Loved to Bits

Teresa Heapy & Katie Cleminson

Nominated by: Kate Scott (@KateScottWriter), author of children's books including Giant (available here) and Just Jack (available here) and also by Jayne Gould (@JayneG60), Primary School Librarian



Kate says: "A classic in the making, this is a warm, funny and poignant story about a teddy which has been loved into a state of dilapidation. Reminiscent of The Velveteen Rabbit, this is very much its own book and is pitch perfect in tone and message. A perfect marriage of words and pictures, this is a completely charming and enchanting book."

Jayne says: "Stripy Ted is a very special bear, accompanying his young owner on all sorts of adventures. But these have taken their toll, and poor Ted is rather worn out and missing quite a few parts. This doesn’t matter at all, he is still just as loved as is clear in this utterly charming, tender and heart-warming picture book tale."

The House With Chicken Legs

Sophie Anderson


Nominated by: Hilary MacMeekin (@HLMacmeekin), Headteacher and also by Kate Gieler (@Glebelove2read), Primary School Librarian & Teacher


Hilary says: "I have always loved the Baba Yaga stories, loved having them read to me as a child and reading them to my children as a parent. So it should have been no surprise that I loved this book. But this beautiful book is so much more than a retelling of a traditional story. It conjures up the life beyond the role, their day to day lives, the relationships they build. The beauty of these everyday lives. The relationship between Marinka and her grandmother is filled with the everyday challenges of growing up and growing old. It will make you smile and make you cry in equal measures. A book to read again and again."

Kate says: As Mary Poppins tells us, 'The cover is not the book', but as soon as I saw Melissa Castrillon's stunning art work, I knew I would fall in love with this story. Every shape and stroke caught my eye, inviting me to step inside and devour every page. It was a delightful feast of rich language and words that danced on the pages between Elisa Paganelli’s captivating illustrations. Sophie Anderson’s exquisite tale, The House With Chicken Legs, won my heart and my daughter’s as we read it together in the garden on a warm spring day. When I looked up after an hour of reading aloud to my then 6 year old, I saw my neighbour – her head resting on her arms as she leant on the fence top – hooked on every word. The magic in Sophie’s story-telling wrapped around us like a warm hug – bonding us tighter as mother and daughter as we journeyed further with Marinka; living her loneliness, experiencing her grief, finding comfort with her friends and overcoming her challenges with her. My daughter hugged me a little bit tighter in the breath-taking moments, she gasped as I read the scenes at The Gate and when I turned the final page and closed the book, she had tears in her eyes. I was worried it had been too much for a 6 year old (though very much a bookworm already), but they were tears of grief for a lost friend – she wanted more from Marinka and more from Sophie: “She will write more, won’t she?”. Mini-me went on to re-read the story for herself, becoming more a reader with every chapter - fluent in expression, emotion and passion. Her copy has pride of place on the bookshelf above her bed as well as a special place in her heart. I know we will always think of The House With Chicken Legs as, ‘our book’ and for that reason it is my book of the year."


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The Boy at the Back of the Class

Onjali Q. Rauf

Nominated by: Lucy Griffiths (@Lucygriff76 ), Teacher



"A brilliantly written book about a subject that we all need to discuss. Clever, witty and a bit of a weeper too. A beautifully written story with characters who, regardless of age, make changes that make the world a better place. Brilliant, just brilliant. Onjali Rauf has written a future classic."


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The Train to Impossible Places

P.G. Bell & Flavia Sorrentino

Nominated by: Alison (@booksfortopics), founder of


"The Train to Impossible Places is a whizz-pop-bang of an adventure story that will make readers young and old want to jump on board! From the moment the Impossible Postal Express crashes unexpectedly through Suzy’s living room, the plot hurtles on at a hundred-miles-an-hour as it twists its way through imaginative realms. The postal workers on the magical train whisk Suzy along with them on their mission to deliver top secret packages to impossible places, encountering villains, heroes and everything in between along the way. Super imaginative, action-packed and filled with exciting new worlds and fantastical characters, this book has all the ingredients to be a massive hit. Full steam ahead to the sequel!"


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Pádraig Kenny

Nominated by: Jacqueline Harris (@phonicsandbooks), Education Consultant - Primary

"This is the book I wish I'd written. There is just something about it that grabbed me from the first page. It is the story of Christopher, a real boy, and his friends who are all mechanicals and it explores the nature of friendship and being human. It is a very exciting story with richly drawn characters, set in an alternative 1930s. There are echoes of the Wizard of Oz and I think, if there is justice in the world, that it should be a classic and must read for ages nine and up."


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Juliette Forrest

Nominated by: Leanne Woolcock (@Mrs_Woolcock), Literacy coordinator & Year 6 Teacher


"An extraordinary tale about a girl, magic, good and evil and how love and courage can prevail over all."

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