All About Me

Super Duper You!

Sophy Henn

Sometimes you are twinkly and floaty,  sometimes you are soft and cuddly. Sometimes you are quiet and gentle, sometimes you are loud and clanky. Whatever you are, let's be proud of you being you! This bright and colourful picture book is a joyful celebration of the uniqueness of each individual. “The trick is not to worry about what you are not. Instead enjoy the things you are and all the brills you’ve got!”

Can I Build Another Me?

Shinsuke Yoshitake

This quirky picture book tells the story of a boy who wishes to make a robot clone of himself. Before he can, he needs to examine exactly what it is that makes him him. This thought-provoking book with detailed illustrations is lots of fun and provides a good stimulus for discussion or classwork about the uniqueness of each individual. 


Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Funnybones follows the adventures of a well-loved family of skeletons. These classic stories are full of humour and provide a great curriculum link into finding out about what lies inside the human body. There is also an accompanying Read & Respond guide available from Amazon.

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The Growing Story

Ruth Krauss and Helen Oxenbury

The Growing Story is an enchanting story about a boy who watched living things grow and change through the seasons. Just as he begins to think that he will be small forever, he learns to see the signs that he is growing and changing too. 


Pat Hutchins

It's not easy being the smallest in the family, like Titch. But Titch soon discovers that even something as tiny as a little seed has the potential to grow into a plant that is very big indeed. Titch is a story for anyone who knows what it is like to feel small.

Hair Love

Matthew Cherry & Vashti Harrison

Zuri loves her beautiful hair. Even though it has a mind of its own, it lets her feel like a superhero. Mum usually styles Zuri's hair,  but one day Mum is away and Daddy has to step in and create a wonderful hairstyle for her - with plenty of help from Zuri. This is a lovely story showcasing a tender father-daughter relationship and encouraging young readers to love the hair they have just as much as Zuri does.

Only One You

Linda Kranz

This is a feel-good story with an important message about the value of each human being. Only One You is a good book for stimulating discussion and reflection about treating each individual with respect and appreciating the uniqueness of ourselves and others. We also fell in love with the matching puppet available on Amazon that goes with the story. 

Your Heart and Lungs (Science in Action)

Sally Hewitt

An accessible information text perfectly pitched for KS1. This book answers questions about how the hearts and lungs work and what their function is in the human body. Complete with pictures, diagrams and suggestions for activities and investigations, this is a great book to support the human body science topic in KS1. You may also like the other books in the series, Your Bones (available here), Your Brain (available here) and Your Digestive System (available here).

Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain

JoAnn Deak and Sarah Ackerley

Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain is a book all about understanding how our amazing brains work. A superb book for introducing the idea of growth mindset, this brightly illustrated text helps to explain how our brains grow and stretch when we face new experiences and learn from our mistakes. 


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The Name Jar

Yangsook Choi

This is an empathetic story that aims to encourage children to appreciate themselves and others and not to feel the need to hide their cultural heritage. The Name Jar tells the tale of Unhei, a young girl who is anxious when she moves from Korea to a new school in America. Too afraid to tell the class her name, Unhei decides that she will choose a new name for herself the following week. But on the day of her name choosing, Unhei is encouraged by the kindness of her new friends and she chooses to keep her own Korean name, Unhei, proudly teaching everybody how to everyone pronounce it properly. 

Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey

Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

The newest addition to the popular Professor Astro Cat series, this time taking a journey through the amazing human body. FIlled with bold, contemporary illustrations and scientific ideas are introduced in a very child-friendly way. This series is always a huge hit in the classroom.​

You Choose

Pippa Goodhart & Nick Sharratt

Get pupils choosing, imagining and expressing their own preferences with this massively appealing picture book full of choices. Each double-page spread is themed around a different choice to make and packed with all sorts of possibilities from the tame to the outright wacky; choose furniture for your ideal house, choose a pet (watch out for the dragon) and choose favourite food (the ice cream looks good but I'm not sure about the boar's head!). 

What's Eating You?

Nicola Davies and Neal Layton

All about the tiny creatures that live on or in human and animal bodies. Find out about the parasites that live in skin, hair, fur, feathers, blood, guts, livers, hearts and lungs. Filled with diagrams, cartoons and easy-to-read chunks of text, this information book is accessible and engaging. 

Hello World

Jonathan Litton & L'Atelier Cartographik

How do you say hello? How many other ways can you think of? This lift-the-flap book is a celebration of languages and cultures, showing people from different countries saying 'hello' in their native language. Find out what 'hello' in different languages looks and sounds like in this visually appealing non-fiction text.


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Human Body (Shine-A-Light)

Carron Brown & Rachael Saunders

This engaging picture book invites readers to interact by shining a torch through each page to reveal hidden details in the pictures of different body parts, such as the food travelling through the digestive system or the baby inside the mother's uterus.  The pictures, hidden images and text work together to create perfectly interactive information books that both delight and intrigue their readers. Remember to supply a torch too!

Argh! There's a Skeleton Inside You!

Idan Ben-Barak & Julian Frost

The story starts on the endpapers as two aliens (Quog and Oort) crash land their spaceship on Earth and need help in order to get to a birthday party on time. You, the reader, help them reach Kevin's party by interacting with the book and teaching them about hands, skeletons, muscles and nerves. It is a great premise and children will enjoy such interactions as placing their hands on the page to be "scanned" to show muscles and demonstrating how nerves work by turning over a page with their eyes closed.

Let's Make Faces

Hanoch Piven

This is a delightful visual text brimming with creativity and fun. On each page the reader is challenged to make faces out of everyday objects or shapes, including DIY tools, food, clothes and many others. Let's Make Faces is a super book to use as a stimulus for creative work and also helps to put feelings words to different facial expressions. 

One Day, So Many Ways

Laura Hall & Loris Lora

Every moment of every day there are children all around the world sharing common experiences in a diversity of ways. From waking up and travelling to school to enjoying snack time and play time, there are hundreds of different ways to go about the same routines. With clear and colourful illustrations and easy-to-read text, this is a wonderful non-fiction text to make available for KS1. Readers will be surprised by the amazing diversity displayed by children around the world completing familiar tasks that are part of their own daily routines.

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Look Out! How We Use Our Five Senses!

Leon Read and Sean Sims

We love information texts with interactive elements and this one does not disappoint! The book explores the five senses and what each sense is for using fun characters, bright illustrations and simple infographics. When you hold up certain pages to the light (or shine a torch through), extra details are revealed. This book, along with the other book in the series Atchoo! How We Catch A Cold available from Amazon, would make a great addition to classroom libraries in Early Years and KS1.

All Kinds of People

Emma Damon

A lift-the-flap information text that celebrates the diversity of people from all around the world. This fun, interactive picture book shows that people come in all shapes and sizes and that variation between humans is something to celebrate.